About Us

LockBook is an electronic document publishing company with specialty in Document protection so that  the Return On Investment is maximized and intellectual Property rights are secured.

It is our fantasy to open a bookshop that comprehended the loftiest needs of the African Publishing Industry and publish books enough to commit a whole space to Africa, to make the eBook environment as secure,  excellent, tricking and smooth as the books it would house, and to start a development with regards to the energizing a wide margin the continent was making in plan. 

In these attempting times when books are vying for your consideration, cash and time, and when bookshops are surrendering to the extreme weight set on them, LockBook has figured out how to develop eBooks around the continent, because of you, dear readers. We have manufactured vital associations to augment books from customary spaces, and even extended the extension where important, and are domicile as a blessing from Babcock University in Nigeria's first blessing and gift shops in Babcock University.

In any case, at the center of LockBook is a profound love for eBooks, particularly innovation and outlined eBooks that are storehouses of legacy, style, structure, workmanship, cooking, way of life, photography thus substantially more. Furthermore, that is the reason we have ventured thus far to tap our assets to convey to you the best legacy – Education.

As we came and saw your eagerness for the books we were loading, we were urged to extend our vision, include eccentric extras, such as computer accesories that can serve as reading devices.

Today LockBook is synonymous with a specific tasteful and has solidly settled itself as the home of workmanship and books in the nation. We presently add a virtual area to the bookstore – an online bookshop where you can purchase books. Much thanks to you for being a piece of this adventure.